• New Technologies

    Every once in a while a new revolutionary technology comes along. We have seen such innovations a number of times in the past decades. Now it seems to be happening again with a new technology called iBeacon.

  • Innovative ideas

    Our team keeps up with developments in the mobile world and creates innovative beta applications that give an insight into the opportunities available through certain technological innovations. We try to find a solutions...

  • Take your career...

    ... in the right direction! At Synthesis-NET we sincerely believe that the welfare of our team is as important as the satisfaction of our clients. Indeed, the two go hand-in-hand in that only a satisfied team with low attrition rates can lead to a long, stable relationship with our clients.

  • Mobile applications

    Own mobile application? If you already thought of this, we can help you develop your app, be it a solution for making your business better or „the next big thing to rock the mobile world”...


Synthesis-NET aims to support its clients with high quality yet affordable services related to every aspect of the software development process.We have provided services for companies ranging from small start-ups to multi-national publicly traded companies operating in various business sectors in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. We have also worked with public sector clients and on EU funded international R&D projects.


Customized software development has been the bread and butter of Synthesis-NET for over a decade now. We offer expertise in a range of areas including coding, testing, analysis, design, project management, translation and localization using a variety of technologies.


Our mobile team is experienced in developing apps for all mobile platforms. We are always glad to help others realize their own creative potential in the mobile arena. Let us help you develop your app, be it a solution for making your business better or „the next big thing to rock the mobile world”...


Beyond being the latest buzzword in tech, the Cloud now touches most businesses in some way. Whether you need a Cloud-based solution or are only interested in learning more about what the Cloud can do for your business, we can help you find your way in the Cloud...


Eastern Europe has for the past couple decades been a dominant player in IT outsourcing. By volume, the region outranks all other regions including Southeast Asia and South America (according to ranking such as IDC and THOLONS). Although some other regions do have cost advantages compared to Eastern Europe, these advantages are generally offset by the added costs associated with their geographical location and ease of access, infrastructural issues, and even cultural differences. Eastern Europeans are culturally and educationally little different than their Western European counterparts and have the advantage of being EU members or partners and in the same time zone. Even compared to North America, the cultural and educational similarities far outweigh the differences…

Top outsource regions 2012-2013

These facts have led many European and North American companies to seek offshore and nearshore services from partners in Eastern Europe. Hungary holds a prominent place among outsource destinations with only Ukraine and Romania having higher market volumes. Budapest, for example, is ranked in the top three of European outsourcing hubs (IDC, THOLONS, Fortune 500, Business Week, and Computerweekly).

Synthesis-NET is located in Győr in western Hungary which from a number of perspectives has advantages compared even to the capital city, Budapest. The town is a major logistical hub located on major East-West, North-South rail, road and even water (the Danube) transportation corridors. It is a mere hour by train or car to central Europe’s most important international airport – Vienna International Airport. The town enjoys a high standard of living, low unemployment rates and yet is more affordable than Budapest. Additionally, the town is home to a university that is not only an attractive R&D partner, but also offers a continuous flow of skilled labor in a variety of disciplines.